People forget to appreciate how delightful a bright and sunny afternoon could be until they are in the wilderness amidst the rains. The jungle could be a whole new experience during the rains. Though there are numerous kinds of tropical forests, they have certain characteristics in common. They are all known for intense hot temperatures, immense humidity, almost daily rainfalls during the monsoons and also, an abundance of flora and fauna. However, there could be some unexpected dangers lurking behind the lush greenery and the picturesque landscape.

Camping in the jungle during the rains could be an experience with a difference. If you know how to tackle the rains in the wilderness, you could, in fact, have a delightful experience despite getting soaked and wet practically all the time. It all depends on your endurance and tolerance levels to the wet weather conditions. However, your greatest challenge would be constant rains, lots of humidity, and too many insects.

Tadoba Tiger Reserve is an entomologist’s dream come true with 74 different species of butterflies and this includes the monarch, pansies, swordtails, and Mormons. You would come across a host of stick insects, dragonflies, praying mantis, and even the jewel beetles.If you wish to see wildlife and nature in its full glory, you could book a comfortableTadoba accommodation in advance.However, if you are adventurous at heart, you would need to get ready with tips for camping comfortably and safely in the rain. Here are some of the wilderness survival tips during the rains.

Disregard the Bad Weather: You must be determined enough to go for the camping experience despite the bad weather conditions. If you are looking for adventure, you must realize that the most enlightening wilderness camping experience would be when the weather is bad. You would be getting the opportunity to test your survival skills, endurance and tolerance levels, test the reliability and efficiency of your equipment, and learn new ways of staying comfortable despite bad weather.

Go with Tarps: The key to camping success in the wet weather is to pitch tarp shelters efficiently. You may be having wonderful tents but obviously, you would not enjoy sitting inside one such tent throughout the day for staying dry. You must try pitching the main tarp right over your picnic table for creating the games or a dining area or maybe a nice corner for sitting and reading in a relaxed mood. You may consider pitching a number of smaller tarps around your camp for your children to enjoy on their own.

Choose Perfect Rain Gear: Wear top quality rain jacket and pants. You may try a poncho as it is of great use while hiking during a rainy day as it is able to release water vapor that is generated as a result of sweating. Wear a rain suit provided you have plans of using the boat or canoeing.

Dress Right & Stay Warm: Wet weather could be quite cold and clammy. You may consider wearing polypropylene underwear to stay away from moisture and feel comfortable. You must consider layer dressing. Apart from wearing synthetic underwear, you could opt for lightweight nylon outfits. You must find the ideal sleeping bag and a proper steel dryer basket for containing campfire. Campfire could be fun and would help you stay warm and cozy. However, you must ensure that it does not spread wildly and that it is safe enough.


You must never let the weather compel you to change your plans. Make sure that rain does not in any way come in the way of your plans for outdoor activity and fun. Never allow rains to ruin your outing. Camping in the rain could be a great experience and a golden opportunity to bond with your family.


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