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The humble journey by George Whelen III from a small garage by the innovation of rotating aviation beacon has changed the way the world looks at the warning lights. The one and only mogul in the industry of safety lighting transportation, Whelen have been serving its purpose to daily life scenario for 66 years since the innovation of car aviation beacon. Now the face of the vehicle industry, the products of Whelen are indispensable to the departments of the emergency worldwide. The latest product of Whelen is made up of LED lights that guarantee efficient luminosity for a more extended year with a high chance of power saving and long lasting durability. Ever wondered about the automated voice response for emergency lighting in any vehicle with voices and lighting warning at the same time? Well, that too is the innovation of the Whelen group known as the Mass Notification Division that helped millions of accident survivors across the world.

Popularity and diversity of the emergency warning and lighting

From the regular car mount, hoods to the top of the police, ambulance, and emergency vehicles, Whelen Lights have made its presence felt in every sphere of emergency lighting. The company currently manufactures their renowned products for the Fire, Police, Ambulance, DOT and many other industries. The highest rate of customer satisfaction is the key to the success of the Whelan Lights family and extending its usage with dedication and determination. Looking at the products, you will find a multi-facet application that is ruling the product in every sphere ranging from sirens, loudspeakers, light bars, light heads, beacons, pole assemblies, alarms, emitters, traffic advisors and many more. With the new importance on the eco-friendly and green products, solar powered lights with low consumption rate are being promoted and are brought by the departments that also give a high level of service equal to its previous products.

Renowned Whelen products indispensible for emergency workers

Looking at the diversity of the products mention must be made of the most popular one judging by their look and specifications. Some of the widely used products are mentioned below with detailed features so that you can have a clear understanding, why users all around the world are opting for Whelen Lights instead of other companies.

· Whelen LED Flush Surface Mount Head – The light head is transforming the way you look at the emergency lights.

1.      The product is wholly made up of the LED mechanism.

2.      The spread is the wide angle that ensures that it can be fitted on any kind of surface.

3.      The way of the visibility much more superior because the view is broad with non-fluted lenses that provides the precise clarity to anyone who has visibility problem for the objects traveling from afar.

4.      The LED smart design guarantees that you do not need any kind of external flasher and can install the whole assortment very easily.

5.      Another fascinating feature of the light is that you can connect up to eight more beacon lights with a single connector.

6.      Coming up with customizable colorization of views, you can change the color wave of the light quickly from time to time with eight scan lock pattern of flash.

7.      Other than that, you need to see that the light I come up with five long years of warranty on the LEDs with full protection from water and heavy vibration.

·         Federal Signal CN SignalMaster Eight LED Light Head Stick, Single or Dual Color with Traffic Advisor – The indispensable part of every traffic guard’s life, the LED light head stick is the common sight in the hand of every civic volunteers and traffic road guards.

1.      Whelen has made the provision for the excellent functioning of the lighting stick with highly visible lights.

2.      The sticks are not only equipped with the lights but also with superior Network sirens that will emit emergency warning sirens in case of necessity.

3.      The lights are LED powered which means you do not need to go for the wire or battery every time while you are on emergency duty.

4.      You can find this stick for both eight head and four head variants.

5.      You can even install it with the system of wire for lighting a particular area.

6.      The narrow-angle reflector is there for the rear facing, and the front-facing have wide reflector angle.

·         Tracer Series with Super LED lighting feature – One of the latest additions to the family of Whelan family of light is the tracer super LED.

1.      It is built to be installed quickly at the base of the vehicle for added lighting and advanced warning feature.

2.      The tracer comes up with the universal bracket for mounting that enables it to install at any surface quickly.

3.      The clamshell could be customized and refigured rapidly and can be taken out separately for full servicing.

4.      The cruise light could be easily controlled with seven levels and have 4 to 6 lamp versions.

5.      The more resistant to the sunlight, heavy duty and water assures you that you have got hold of the best product on the market.

6.      Class 1 SAE certification and five years warranty are the main USP of the product.

·         Square LED light for uniform vehicles – Moving away solely from the emergency duty vehicles, Whelen also masters in providing products for the standard vehicle and for its illumination, you can bring in the square series innovations.

1.      If you want to illuminate your favorite car or vehicle with the brightness and beauty of LED light, then, you can install this assortment anywhere in your car.

2.      You can mount it on the surface and connect it to the universal platform; the light with 45-degree angle step lighting will fit virtually anywhere.

3.      Even for your vehicles, the warning mode of the light will be automatically activated with the colors of Amber, Red, Blue, and White.

4.      Apart from the vibration and water resistant, it consumes the very nominal amount of battery.

Coming to the end of the latest and most essential offerings of Whelen, you can rest assured that their products are upgrading to innovation every day. So you can subscribe to the newsletter and the page to your bookmark, to get all kind of latest news on latest Whelen gadgets.

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