It is apparent that every single city brings its uniqueness to plate, modified specifically to the needs and taste buds of its residents.  Talking about dosas, these are the heart beats of South India.  Served with sambar and chutney most often, from crispy thin dosas, to the somewhat soft and denser ones, the options are myriad.

Be it Ravadosa in Tamil, a masala dosa, cheese dosa or any other type of dosa, you are going to be overwhelmed by the taste. As far as fillings are concerned, the things have gone far enough. It means you have no idea about the types of dosas being catered out there. Thesedosas are lip smacking and leave the hearts craving for more. Dosas are not only adored in South India but dosas are relished in every corner of the country. The only difference is that the dosas get little distinct in their spices and fillings as per the influence of the place.


SadaDosais also known as Plaindosa and it is one of the healthiest types of Indian dishes. So, if you are one of those who don’t want to munch on the spicy dosas then this one can be a perfect one for you. It is light to eat and scrumptious in taste. You can snuggle it anytime. Where many people eat it in breakfast, there are individuals who munch on these dosas during the short breaks too. It is all about choices and preferences.

Paper Dosa

Have you ever munched on a Paper dosa? Well, it is just a simple variation of Plain dosa. This type of dosa is popular for its crispy texture, as it is generally prepared of evenly spread thin batter on the hot tawa. The dosa turns out to be really crispy and crunchy.

Butter Dosa

Talking about ButterDosa, it is actually a treat to eyes and taste buds too. Thecrisp brown-red shade and rich divine taste of this dosagives you the feeling of relishing royal food at home. Of course, the dosa is absolutely filling and worth trying. The butter mingled in the dosa and batter is finger licking.

Cheese Dosa

If you are a big fan of cheese rather than butter or other stuff then you should go for this dosa. You can get a cheese dosa with different spics. If you are preparing it, you can add diverse sauces in it so as to make it more spicy and hot. Similarly, in different areas, people prepare this cheese dosa with distinct styles and spices. You can find this dosa absolutely awe struck.

Masala Dosa

This dosais an all-time classic stuffed dosa in the entire history of South Indian cuisine. You can find masala dosa being catered in all the corners of the country. As the name says, the dosa is blended with so much of masala and gives you a spicy experience.  Today this dosa has become so popular that food stall owners and even the chefs have begun to experiment with unusual stuffing. This is really exciting!

So, take a dive into the realm of dosas and you can feel the heavenly tastes!


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