Close to 2 million people are victims of cancer every year. Depending upon the stage and type of cancer the best oncologist in India will prescribe a combination of treatments. This could be done at a single level or in combination with other treatment options as well.

The patient along with their family members spends thousands of dollars as far as cancer treatment is concerned. It is just not about the physical expenses only. What happens is that they end up losing a major chunk of their physical along with mental energy and all this is because of the after effects of cancer treatment.

There is no denying the fact that cancer treatment does go on to pose serious side effects that patients find it difficult to cope up with. Not all patients are confronted with the same, but if you have an idea on how to cope up with it then you are a lot better prepared as well. It does make the patient comfortable if they are able to stick to the treatment protocol. The worst part is that the side effect is going to reduce the effectiveness of treatment if no step is being taken to manage them.

Let us now explore some of the side effects associated with cancer and how you are going to manage them


Nearly 70 % of cancer patients experience fatigue when they are treated for the same. This is with regards to chemotherapy or radiation. If you are not able to control fatigue with proper rest it does have an impact on how a patient is able to conduct their daily activities after their treatment.

Some of the strategies which could be adopted in order to reduce fatigue are to reduce the workload and whenever you are feeling tired it is suggested to take rest. Your diet should be nutritious and make it a point to exercise every day.

Hair loss

After chemotherapy hair loss is one of the major symptoms associated with cancer treatment. With the high dose of medicines it is going to lead to hair loss and to an extent even destroy the hair roots. This is the main reason on why people tend to loose hair from their scalps

The better news is that the hair is going to return back after a few days. Some of the strategies that could be adopted are you could use a hat to cover your scalp and do not be stressed when the hair falls down. Trust me they are going to return back in a few days.


There are certain types of drugs which used to treat cancer may leave an impact on the intestines. This is an effect that is observed in nearly 30 % of patients who are affected with cancer.

In fact there are strategies to overcome this as you should only eat foods that are easy to digest. It should be also accompanied by increase in the intake of fluids at the same time.


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