Roses: Guide to Choose the Right Rose

Roses are one of the most significant symbols of beauty in the world and the flower is often used to convey a plethora of emotions without the use of words. Its immaculate beauty and subtle fragrance guarantees to evoke delight and brighten up anyone’s day. This is why; it has earned a permanent place in the shelves of every flower shop. Here are the different types of roses you can pick to convey different emotions.

  1. Red Rose

The infamous red rose has been a classic symbol of love, romance and passion since time immemorial. Red roses are perfect for every time you want to make someone feel special and pamper them with your love.  A bunch of red roses is perfect as a surprise on Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and special dates you want to showcase your love on. If you want to go out of your way and make an extravagant statement then you can send your love a huge heart shaped arrangement of roses or a bunch of thousand red roses in beautifully stacked in a glass vase. You can get them from online Jaipur flower delivery at reasonable prices.

  1. Yellow Roses

The warmth exuded by a bunch of beautiful yellow roses can lift anyone’s mood. The yellow rose is symbolizes the unbreakable bond of friendship, joy and caring. Bouquets of this sunshine are a great gift for your close friends on friendship day or send them to someone with whom your friendship is budding. The blossoms will definitely help you blossom your friendship with warmth and affection. If you are away from your friends ten you can also have these beautiful bouquets sent to them to their doorstep through the delivery service provided by most online shops.

  1. Pink Roses

A delicate pink rose symbolizes a hoard of emotions from femininity and elegance to gratitude to appreciation. An elegant bouquet of pale pink roses is great to get for baby showers. While a darker pink conveys gratitude and appreciation so they can be used in a professional settings as a way to appreciate a colleague’s work very well. Since pink is also a colour of good health a basket or bouquet of pink roses can be sent as a “get well soon” wish to a recovering loved one.

  1. White Roses

The serene beauty of a pure white rose cannot be stated enough. The flower conveys a message of purity, humility and innocence. The white rose is often called the bridal rose because of its traditional use in marriage ceremonies, especially the bride’s bouquet, reflecting the purity and innocence of the newlywed bride. White roses can come to your rescue when a situation demands reverence, whether stately or sombre. You can carry a basket of exquisitely arrange white roses and carnation to a funeral as a token of your remembrance and sympathy.

  1. Orange Roses

An orange rose encapsulates the warm and vibrant hue of a summer sunset. The invigorating colour is a great way to brighten up anyone’s day and make them joyful in a jiffy. It is also a great way to express your admiration and passion for someone you value.


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