Looking for a chicken based recipe? Consider chicken biryani for a mouth-watering option

Chicken based dishes are very popular among people and out of various recipes chicken biryani surely tops the list. It is an all-timefavourite of a lot of people not only in India but throughout the world. You can easily make it at home and during special occasions it is the best food dish to serve. It is very delicious and the flavours are heavenly.

A general idea about chicken biryani

The main constituents in the chicken biryani are the rice and chicken. It is an extremely popular South Asian dish, and in the present times, you will notice that people across the globe are aware about the great taste of chicken biryani. Fresh chicken and long grain rice can enhance the taste of this dish by multiple times. It is a bit spicy and the taste is phenomenal.

If you have never made chicken biryani at home, then it’s high time that you should try it. It is not that difficult to make it, and you can easily get the chicken biryani recipe in hindi through the online platform. With the help of step by step guided instructions you can prepare this tasty dish in a convenient manner.

The methods of making chicken biryani

You will notice that people in different regions may use different methods for making chicken biryani and their ingredients list may also vary. Thus, based on your specific choice and the ingredients that you want to add, you can choose the best suited recipe.

Biryani is basically an Urdu word that gets its origin from the Persian language. In Islamic culture, chicken biryani is one of the most loved dishes. Chicken Biryani is not the same as pulao. Pulao generally contains very few ingredients whereas chicken biryani is loaded with fine quality rice, fresh chicken, lots of different kinds of spices and various other ingredients. The chicken is very tender and delicious and the biryani is cooked in a layered form. Usually there is a layer of chicken between the two layers of rice.

The points to keep in mind

Making perfect chicken biryani requires patience as well as knowledge. Chicken and rice are to be cooked separately and then the final layering is done and then both rice and chicken are cooked together. Some dry fruits can also be added to enhance the taste of this dish. The right cooking temperature and timing are as essential as the ingredients. Thus, if the cooking procedure would be wrong then the flavours will not come out that great. So while following any recipe you need to pay attention to these things. Some people use a pressure cooker for making chicken biryani and some use the pot. You can use any utensil as per the availability.

Chicken biryani is a royal delicacy that is loved since the Mughal times. It is very popular among all and it is the best treat that can be served on special occasions. With a good and guided recipe you can make mouth-watering chicken biryani at home. This dish may take a little more time than other dishes but its taste is truly unparalleled.


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