Lunch time is something where one should eat a filling meal so that this can keep them going till night when they are working in office or at home. It is a good idea to carry your lunch box to office so that you can have a healthy meal in the middle of the work. Otherwise, you have to depend on office canteens or other street side foods which are not likely to be very healthy.

If you do not have much time to cook in the morning then you can choose on some easy things to cook and if you love South Indian food, then nothing like it. They have some amazing healthy options when it comes to food and one can easily cook those delectable recipes at home.

These regional dishes are not only packed with flavours, but they are also loaded with a lot of healthy goodness. One can check out the sambar recipe in Hindi and cook a simple platter of sambar and rice which will not only fill up their stomach but also will keep them happy. Here are some easy options for you that you can cook for lunch.

Tamarind Rice

This is a tangy dish which is mainly prepared with rice and some uraddaal and chana. One needs to add some tamarind pulp to it, to bring the taste. Have it with a masala papad and some pickle and your lunch is done.


The word ‘arachuvitta’ means to grind. Here, the smabar is made from roasted spices like fresh ground coconut, fenugreek seeds and grinded chilli powder. One can mix turdaal, uraddaal and a bit of chanadaal to make this sambar and add some tamarind for some extra taste.

Malabar Fish Biryani

Though biriyani is not an everyday lunch option but once in a while it is absolutely fine. Here,short and mildly flavoured grained rice called kaima rice is used to cook the dish. For the fish lovers, this is a delight on a dish.

Avial with Kerala Red Rice

This is a traditional dish from Kerala and one can cook this dish with a proper mixture of vegetables like potatoes, drumsticks and carrots. One has to cook this dish in coconut oil along with some mustard seeds. It goes best with red rice.


This one is nothing but a bhindi mix and is a part of Kannada cuisine. In this dish there is a mixture of tangy and sweetness. One can use some raw mustard seeds in this dish to bring a twist in flavour.

 Mango Kuzhambu

It is a delicious and simple recipe where ripe mangoes are used. This one is cooked mostly during summers (mango season) and is served with hot rice. From the kitchen of Tamil Nadu, this lovely dish can be a perfect one for lunch.


You can mix the leftover rice with tamarind and jaggery to make this.

Remember, lunch has to be light and stomach filling. Do not eat them in huge quantity.


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