According to Indian Brand Equity foundation (IBEF), Bengaluru is the most preferred city for property investment in India, followed by Delhi, Goa, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Pune.

According to Indian Brand Equity Foundation, Bengaluru is considered to be a popular investment destination for NRIs, followed by Dehradun, Delhi, Goa, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Pune. IBEF reports that the Indian real estate market is anticipated to touch US $180 billion by 2020. The housing sector contributes to 5-6 percent of the country’s GDP.

Real estate industry experts feel that Bengaluru is a great place to settle down. When we talk about this city, the thoughts that linger in the mind are huge parks, lakes, gardens and ample job opportunities. In fact, Bengaluru West has become a strong destination with its state-of-the-art infrastructure equipped with all the above mentioned facilities.

At the same time, amongst all the cities, Bengaluru has recorded the highest office space absorption in 2016 amounting to 34 million square-feet.

In fact, several investors are of the opinion that the proficiency shown by the property developers in Bangalore is a notch higher than that of the other cities in India. This motivates investors to make an investment without possibilities of big risks.

There are more reasons for the growth in Bengaluru’s real estate market. Firstly, Bengaluru real estate market has been steady when compared to the other cities in India. Secondly, the city attracts investments from well-established technology companies and growing number of start-ups, leading to propulsion of workers migrating to the city in search of promising careers.

Thirdly, good climate and reduced vulnerability to earthquakes are benefits for families and individuals looking forward to buy homes in Bangalore.

Moreover, if investors wish to make a long term investment in a volatile market, Bengaluru is an attractive option. There is negligible loss of rental income as the time taken to find or replace tenants is low.

These are the possible places in Bangalore to make an investment:

Kanakapura Road Corridor:  This place offers a good amount of Return on Investment (ROI) for property buyers. Once the infrastructure development is in place, the prices will spike.

Thanisandra – Hennur Road Belt: This place has exceptional connectivity to the airport and Central Business District (CBD) areas via the Outer Ring Road.  At present, this place has the lowest levels of unsold inventory within the city.

Bengaluru city Centre–High advancements in these areas have led to an increase in prices.

Mysore Road: The metro rail operations have started in this stretch and this helps in better connectivity, thus increasing the demand for properties.

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