There are diseases that are highly contagious and these often result to grave consequences if people do not exercise effective control measures. From organization such as the Planet Aid, and the Planet Aid Drop Box, a person can learn several simple ways to reduce the spread of contagious diseases such as cholera, cold, flu and tuberculosis among others.

  1. Wash hands

It is as simple as it sounds and looks. Just wash the hands and develop a culture of doing these frequently especially after visiting toilets, greeting people, travelling using the public transport before you eat. This is because there are tiny microbes on the surfaces of many places like the ones mentioned that could cause spread of illness.

  1. Avoiding sharing personal stuff

It is good to be kind and generous; however, do not make the slightest attempt to share personal stuff such as towels, toothbrush, razors, nail cutters among other to effectively curb the rate of infection. These personal items are good grounds for disease agent such fungi and bacteria. Personal stuff is permanently for personal use and not the vice versa.

  1. Vaccination

Vaccines play a significant role in slowing down the rate of infection especially when there is an outbreak. Vaccines make the body strong enough to deal with a particular kind of illness when it occurs. Vaccines do tricks on the body about a particular disease hence triggering its defense mechanism for subsequent illness. In that case, it can fight the disease when it occurs again.

  1. Good cooking methods

Micro bacteria do well on foods that are in a room temperature condition. Therefore, bad cooking methods can result to spread of food borne diseases. A safe healthy practice includes washing all fruits and vegetables before consumption and practicing proper cooking methods. Moreover, keeping food in refrigerators within two hours of preparation helps in minimizing these disease agents.

  1. Sneezing etiquette

It is good to have a sneezing etiquette whereby all you have to do is to cover your mouth well when you sneeze or cough. It spreads illness through tiny microscopic bacteria droplets in the moisture or air. Among the best recommendations are covering your mouth using your arms, elbow crook or sleeve instead of using your bear hands.

With these simple tips, you can smile at Planet Aid donation box or any other organization for filling you in on some of the most essential yet simple ways of ensuring that you reduce the rate at which contagious illnesses spread from one person to another causing sickness.


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